2021 Luminous12 Experiences Now Forming

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” -Nikola Tesla

Sovereignty Series: Women's Circle

Sovereignty Women’s Circle 
Reclaim your divine feminine power and reactivate who you are. This 4-part weekly series includes element focused themes with tools for breathwork, EFT, intention and (4) RASHA bio-regeneration (source frequency/chakra focused) consciousness experiences.

Participants will also receive Quinton marine plasma as part of the program ($50 value). (Tuesday evenings, 4-week series: FALL DATES TBD) – $336/pp  Join the newsletter list to be notified of upcoming Women’s programs.

RASHA Upgrade Experience (ages 12+) - Groups

Helping you to reduce your stress, fear and anxiety: re-connecting to the peace in your life. Circle includes tools for breathwork, intention and RASHA bio-regeneration (relaxation & anxiety focused) consciousness experience. Single circle experience offered weekly (most weeks)  $72/pp (approx 60 minutes of RASHA, 30 minutes of integration)

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What is Luminous12?

Luminous12 is an energetic collection within the Boise valley who have accepted the stewardship of RASHA Technology for the healing and alignment of the consciousness collective in this area and beyond. With a background in neuro-sciences, nutritional therapy, energetic arts, EFT and dynamic counseling & coaching services, Luminous12 stewards are ready to guide you on a path back to your highest consciousness, highest authentic self, and highest purpose- YOUR original DNA blueprint.

Katie Packwood – Neurofeedback Boise 

Rebecca Johnson – UNTraumatized

Jessie Bryant – TAROTAROT & ZenSpot Institute Boise

Bio-Regeneration Frequency Experiences NOW Forming OR Book Your Own Circle!

The RASHA Technology combines healing sciences inspired by quantum-level physics technologies of Nikola Tesla, Antoine Prioreand Royal Rife, along with the RASHA’s inventor, Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio’s proprietary base 12 algorithms. It is an authentic scalar sound-plasma system that assists the human organism to achieve stress relief and relaxation in order to reclaim its innate ability to SELF HEAL via harmonization of the autonomic nervous system, brain hemisphere synchronization, emotional/trauma release and systematic chakra alignment.

Luminous12’s Quantum Circles or Individual RASHA Experiences can help with:

Stress Relief/Relaxation
Chakra Harmonization/Clearing
Weight Loss
Muscle & Joint Pain/General Pain (Pain Release)
Energy Boost/Chronic Fatigue
Sleep Disorders
Detoxification (5G,and biological)
Energy Healing (Source Spiral)
Mind Expansion
Depression support
Focus & Clarity

What is RASHA Technology? Learn more from Inventor and creator, Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio, Ph.D.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” -Nikola Tesla

“Frequency + Intention = Healing” -Jere Rivera-Dugenio


Luminous12 engages RASHA Technology for the ultimate “Bio-Regeneration Consciousness Experience.”


Unlike anything in this dimension, The RASHA TRIAD is the only D.A.R.P.A-inspired, Nikola Tesla “Quantum Access Technology” available in the public sector and by way of divine serendipity, has come to Boise, Idaho


RASHA is an authentic scalar-plasma-sound technology that is designed to assist the biological, human organism (that’s YOU!) to achieve stress release and relaxation in order to reclaim its innate ability to self-heal.

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